Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Techincal Issues & Updates

Folks, I want apologize to all of you who have been reading, attempted to make a comment, but were prevented from doing so by problems with the "captcha" image. I do not know what the problem is, have tested it myself, and found it worked for me. I have been attempting to contact the Google people and report the error. For the time being, please pardon the inconvenience.

On a more serious note, I wished to update readers to the goings on with the James Madison University "Breeze" article that ran last week. As many know, I read these remarks with marked disappointment, responded to them as best I could, and made every effort to correct any misinformation this article printed about the USMC.

Apparently I made my point. So much so, in fact, that I was contacted today by the writer of this article for the purpose of an interview. While I cannot ensure that my remarks will be perfectly cited or contextual, I am appreciative that "The Breeze" staff have acknowledged that there are opinions other than those that this anonymous Marine has presented. Thus, tomorrow morning the article will run in print and online (, and I will submit additional remarks or negation as necessary. I have a hunch, by the way, that they will be necessary.

While I have not at all agreed with the material published in this three-part series of articles, I do find it admirable that the editorial staff at "The Breeze" are attempting to provide alternating viewpoints. I am flattered to be the Marine they consulted on this issue. I encourage you to follow this article closely, since it stands to sully the reputation of the United States Marine Corps before a student body who, being young and relatively inexperienced, will be inclined to believe the presented misinformation without question.

Lastly, I apologize for no post today. I have spent the better part of the sunlit hours scrambling atop a roof and trying not to fall off. A post may come later tonight, or it may simply have to wait. I appreciate your patience.

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