Monday, March 16, 2009

News Appearance

For a relatively innocuous piece in the local news about the 6th year anniversary of the Iraq war (for which I was interviewed) see below:

Video Presentation

Written Article

For the blog post which serves as an addendum to this news article, click here.

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  1. HBTY. If I am ever able to open my gmail account, I will send a proper message.

  2. Your painful loss of friends and patience to see Iraq become self governed is the message I heard in this interview...also the fact that we have an all volunteer military and every servicemeber volunteered.

    This mother is shouldering the pain of her son and her message equally important. She represents the parents that are left to pick up the peices of their broken loved ones.

    Both of you have proved that entering a war is always complicated and we as citizens should never assume a quick resolve.

    Good interview Ben.