Monday, April 20, 2009

The Final Guy

As promised, below is the address for my good friend and true brother Jay Thompson, who recently began a four-month tenure in Iraq. In addition to Paul VanSant and Nate Foersch, Jay would benefit from our prayers, encouragement and support. I am unaware of any specific needs at this time, but I will certainly forward them should they be made known to me. More importantly, he could use our prayers and a few letters from home. Below is his address:

MAJ Jack Thompson
464th MED CO
Camp Bucca
APO AE 09375

In addition to this opportunity and need, Jay leaves in the states a wonderful wife and two young children who miss him dearly. They, too, could use some encouragement and mail indicating such. All mail sent the following address will be forwarded directly to his family:

Amy Thompson
C/O Ben Shaw
P.O Box 1072
Troy, VA 22974

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  1. Thanks for letting us know how we can help. They will be hearing from me.