Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Same Story, Different War (3)

*Third in the ongoing series of letters between PFC Arthur _____ and his parents back home (WWII). Click here to read the first. Here to read the second.

Burtzback, Germany
April 18, 1946

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well, yesterday, I received a letter from home dated April 7, which isn’t or rather wasn’t too long in getting here, as it usually takes two weeks or longer and, as usual, was glad to hear from you and I was also very pleased to hear that Jack was able to phone you. He told me that he’d probably be very busy but “at least,” he said, he’d try. I hope that you received my other letter, informing you of the probability, before he called.

Yesterday, also, I moved out of my semi-private rook to the barracks, here in camp. I was living in one of the houses that the Army had taken over as living quarters for the soldiers who were staying here but now only officers are allowed to sleep in those buildings; so, I, along with the rest of the EM, had to move out. But these barracks are OK, so I don’t mind too much.

I’m enclosing some stamps that I want you to keep or else change into money. The only reasons I’m sending home stamps is that I haven’t been paid in German currency yet, and so, I can’t send home any money until I do; so, I’m buying stamps and sending those home instead. They’re supposed to be almost as good as money; so do whatever you want to do and if you want to wait…OK.

I have received those three letters that you though I wouldn’t get because of the wrong address, Dad, but there’s nothing doing just yet; so, give me a little more time and I’ll find out exactly what the story is. But in the meantime, don’t be too optimistic because it’s not as easy as one would think it is.

Well, I guess that that’s all there is to write about for now; so bye until the next time.

All my love,


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